A Conspiracy Modern Art

Part 1

 I have been repeatedly rejected by some ignorant galleries on both sides of the fence by their lack of interest in African art. In his African art is primitive. The sad thing is that our so-called elites do not understand art galleries too. In most cases, are the most ignorant and very naive and African art. How long are we going to allow these monsters race fake wild past in our present time?
I realize that truth is often a hard pill to swallow, but we must face our past for a better future.

We have been forced to look down on ourselves. Held captive mind with television, print media, history books and documentaries from his scouts that were supposedly written by them, but ended up on shelves in our country schools of mental impairment and economic exploitation. Maybe I'm missing something, please tell me the expectation of an educator who believed that Amina's grandchildren in Nigeria, Niger was discovered by Mongo Park.

The same river Niger, where the great majority, Anina bath, swim, fetch water, they have known and played in the river all his life and, in fact, the legend that his grandfather had that Obi was one of the men who guided and protected the strange white man of the wild beast of the jungle. Instead of a letter of thanks, great grandchildren are forced and fed the lies of the incidents in the name of education.

Constantly used every effort to achieve its vision. The invention of television became an effective tool for handling generations with ease using the power of vision for growth Jacob, Genesis 30: 31 - 43, for negative agenda. There is power in what we hear and see. That is more reason than ever show much of Africa.

During the time of European avant-artists, who were prolific African artists as "Aina Onabolu 'and many others whose works were never considered as modern. Obviously they, including its modern means to make them equal with their counterparts in Europe. You know what it means for the black man who was supposed to pick cotton. "modern European art," was the biggest scam in African art. It took the best of our ancestors and we kicked it away.

They knew what they were doing and the effect of these centuries of bad seeds is what we see today in Africa and beyond. It is very common for African professionals, highly educated, but without the knowledge of self and much whiter than white too, if you know what I mean. I walked into a financial firm in Atlanta, owned and operated by some Nigerians and the question of African art approached, one of the owners were asked what kind of art have been hung on the wall. You need to see it go with pride and spoke eloquently about modern art, in the end he said he did not want to be associated with African art.

You can imagine how I felt, had studied art and art teacher to listen to a professional elite of Nigeria in the position of power and influence to promote our art and culture, rightly rejected his inheritance. I did not wait to ask why? He went back to talk about crime and the world's image of Nigeria. At this time I struggled to keep
before the explosion of other nationalities in the company. I am by no means in support of any crime, but if the man should deny his country because of crime and propaganda of Western media, the problem is more profound than it seems. He respectfully asked again if any of these nationalities working in Nigeria have been removed oil drilling machines and have abandoned their mansions in Nigeria since the propaganda began to 419? I did not see him jump to a response on this occasion. Tell me there is no fraud and crime.

The good brother is one of the millions of African souls lost in this world and half false conspiracy and selfish view of racism and imperialism. You might wonder what is this to do with modern art. But the truth is that there was nothing modern about the works of European avant-garde artist-stroke than imitators, imitators and plagiarists in collusion with the racist writers, art critics and art historians to do good evil. Again, the names were given, cubism, modern art and pushed him down the throat, as always.

Cover the truth of plagiarizing African art and began his usual bad naming ceremonies for their selfish ends. Who named the primitive art and modern art? Take a close look at its so-called primitive art and modern art look and decide for yourself. Who named the tribal art? These are the same people whose lists of names consist of Black, Aboriginal, black, Gypsy and Black, White, Red, Yellow, and black people name a few. What good has made those names to mankind than the division and control. Let's face the truth, because truth is the heart of liberty. There are only names we can imagine, therefore, God had to change the names of persons reported to carry out their mission in life. It has been and always will be demonic and time to reject the names of our true purpose and relationship with each other.
Part 2

They have never been interested in others but what you can. The opportunity to study other cultures have filed jointly but they were self to her. Books have been written account of the vision impaired. It would have been ideal for them to introduce most of these books in their schools for knowledge, more research and better appreciation of others. But hell were not only interested in changing our thinking, artifacts, and how much you can do from the unknown world.

My gratitude to our men and women, most of whom have lost their lives to tell the truth. The truth must prevail, I realized the danger of the conspiracy of silence to delete anything from Africa in the face of the earth. The fact that human civilization began in Africa has disappeared from the pages of history books, even the pyramids of Egypt, that some people were built by aliens, it's too good to be Africans, if given the opportunity to recreate the map of Africa, Egypt and South Africa will definitely be part of the map carved on to accomplish its purpose.

No records have been contradictory that the Europeans came into contact with African art. With all due respect for our art historians have referred to 1905 as the year of first European contact with African art widely documented. I disagree to agree. We must not forget the sack of Benin art treasures. The Punitive Expedition of 1897 was a military tour in 1200 a British force under Admiral Sir Harry Rawson that captured, burned and sacked the city of Benin, incidentally end the highly sophisticated West African Kingdom of Benin.

Second, the struggle for Africa (or the rat race for Africa) was the proliferation of European conflicts claim African territory during the New Imperialism period, between 1880 and the beginning of World War era was more MundialEsta art and treasures of the territories. You are free to disagree. You may as well tell me of any other continent, which has suffered massive extortion and global exploitation of the arts and culture. A visit to the museums around the world in the shade more light on this.
The first entry documented a piece of African art in a European collection occurred around 1470, with a play that became a collector of the kingdom of Kongo Portuguese.

Please allow me to introduce the founder of so-called Cubism and modern art, Picasso and his partner of plagiarism rivalry and Matisse, who were the first leading European artists of African art collectors. His full name was Pablo (or Pablito) Diego Jose Santiago Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno Crispin Crispian de los Remedios Cipriano of the Holy Trinity and Picasso López Ruiz Blasco. We know today simply as Picasso.

Paul was born with a father who was also an artist, known as José Ruiz y Blasco, his mother was Maria Picasso y Lopez. His early paintings were signed Pablo Ruiz after his father, but around 1901 he began using his mother's name, Picasso. He studied graphics in Spain and graduated in 1900.
Paul was one of the long list of dull mind, whose art of imitation and copying could hold. He was in a dirty dance of poverty and isolation, because no artist would want to risk their creations with an artist like Picasso copy. Soon after graduation he moved to France 1901, where he quickly put his hands on the works of African art. In his words, I do not seek. I think. You can imagine the creations of innocent African teachers in the hands of a man who had copied over art young adulthood. Paul believes that bad artists copy. Good artists steal.

Modern art is but a child of conspiracy against racism and imperialism. The founder had called to say them. Today, as you know, I'm famous and very rich. But when you're completely alone with myself, not have the courage to consider myself an artist in the great and ancient sense of the word. There have been great painters such as Giotto, Titian, Rembrandt and Goya. I'm just a public actor who has understood his time. What was your time? It is said that confession is good for the soul.

In Part 1 of this article mentioned the conspiracy-European avant-garde artists, collectors, art critics, art historians and imperialism to create a captive of his creative drought with African art as a scapegoat. The artistic elite refers mainly to the rejection of the academic tradition. African art became a source of inspiration for these artists who sought representation systems than naturalism and illusionism. The critic favorite of this group was the French art critic Louis Vauxcelles who coined the term Cubism after seeing the landscape was painted in 1908 Braque at L'Estaque, in emulation of Cézanne. Vauxcelles called geometric shapes in the highly abstract works "cubes."

Vauxcelles Louis (1870 -?) Was an influential French art critic. He attributed the terms Fauvism (1905), and Cubism. Vauxcelles coined the phrase "les Fauves" (translated as "wild beasts") to describe a circle of painters associated with Matisse, and hearings that were criticized (I could not decide which was more arrogant). However, an artist can show zero evidence of his artistic ability in the context of visual arts representative established, however, could become a master of modern art? Tell me you smell something strange in this.

The Cubist painters rejected the inherited concept that art should copy nature, or to be taken by the traditional techniques of perspective, modeling and foreshortening. They wanted instead to emphasize the size of two of the fabric. By reducing and fractured objects into geometric shapes, and then into a shallow realign these landscapes, like space. They also used multiple points of view or contrast. Louis Vauxcelles and his group were not interested in the pros, but the escapism and the insults of the spread of his vision of supremacy. Paul had fooled everyone, the agony is that many are still fooled so far. I asked because of the common denominator of racial hatred and unity, none really cared about the effect of much of his deception.

In the words of Paul the founder of modern art, an artist must know how to convince others of the truth of their lies. People who make art their business are mostly imposters. There is no abstract art. You always have to start somewhere. Then you can remove all traces of reality. How can we be naive, the man who had more than 100 African art in its collection, copied and made money from them do not believe in abstraction.

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