Pictures Of Celebrities With Hair Extensions Hairstyles

Ashley Simpson completely changed her look by adding long glossy and thick hair extensions and walking out with a hairstyle that looks like it took years to grow and style.

From punky chick to wholesome starlet all overnight. A hairstyle like this can change your whole persona and with hair extensions these days coming down in price, such hairstyles are no longer only available to the stars and celebrities of Hollywood.

2006 Hairstyle from Rochas

This is a beautiful example of how creative hairstyles in 2006 are becoming. An ordinary style, but with an interesting fringe effect, this style will take your hair right into modern trend city!

So simple yet so stylish, the effect is created by just plaiting a small section of the hair at the front and pinning it back to give a plaited fringe hairstyle.

Fringes are no longer square, so long as you know what to do with them and for 2006 the top hair stylists at Rochas have come up with this gorgeous twist to a medium length hairstyle.

You can also purchase ready plaited hair extensions that you could pin in place to achieve the same effect. Even short hair styles can have a plaited fringe.

Put a plait anywhere and spice up otherwise boring styles to become the latest 2006 hairstyles with added wow factor!

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