Reasons to Buy Modern Art Print

Any goodwill contemporary artists have spent huge amounts of emotional energy and physical effort in creating their works of art and everyone wants as many people as possible to appreciate and enjoy after seeing his work on screen. One way for his art is seen by as wide an audience as possible is the production of prints.

Art prints are now widely available in a variety of styles and colors and at different levels of quality. They make good art cheap and therefore available to a much larger group of art lovers who had been previously possible. Print production has become a standard part of the career plans of many artists for this very reason. Prints are produced from the works, probably all, of the great artists of history and many renowned contemporary artists. While mass production printing is not a substitute for an original painting or print a high quality Art Limited Edition, provide a way to enjoy an exceptional work of art in their own home when you're on a tight budget.

Insiders are likely to make fun of art prints produced in mass, but an impression of a great work of art on the walls is preferable to the bare walls and could be just the beginning of a lifelong love of collecting of art. A print of a masterpiece or a contemporary classic can still be seen to some extent, and certainly can bring joy and beauty to a living space.

Moreover, current trends in the purchase of art are increasingly associated with the merit of a decorative piece rather than collecting works of art for its own appeal. Many buyers simply want the art to match your decor or furniture. It's a shame that art can be reduced to a purely decorative home accessory to be replaced when changing decor of the room. But an artist, of course, the profits from the sale of copies, as they help to establish or increase the artist's reputation as more of his works are known to the art buying public. This, in turn, increases the value of their original work.

And just because something is mass produced, which does not necessarily mean poor quality. Advances in technology mean that many impressions of contemporary art being produced now are digital prints far superior to traditional lithography used in the past. Up to date printing processes can result in an image that has the richness and depth of color is so, even if the resolution is not the greatest life expectancy and the print is relatively short, at least the same image can be seen if only for a short time. These prints are fade quickly under conditions of light each day, but if the buyer is aware of the disadvantages of art prints mass produced and not expect to have the pictures hanging on the walls of more than a few years , modern art prints can be a perfect stop gap until the art lover can start collecting art limited edition original or high quality.

The Foundation Stone of Modern Art

'Art Deco' was a mainstream international design movement, spreading over a span of fourteen years, from 1925 to 1939. It played a crucial role in the development and the progression of Modern Art. The Deco Movement embodied a blend of the different modern decorative art styles, largely from 1920s and 1930s. These styles were the derivatives of several state-of-the-art painting philosophies of the twentieth century, including 'Neoclassical,' 'Constructivism,' 'Cubism,' 'Modernism,' 'Art Nouveau,' and 'Futurism.' The Deco movement influenced various decorative arts, such as architecture, interior designing, industrial designing, and visual art forms like fashion, painting, graphic arts, and cinema.

The term 'Art Deco' was coined in an exhibition, 'Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes,' held in Paris, in the year 1925. The exhibition was organized by some French artists to promote the creation of a new genre of art, adapted to the contemporary lifestyle, a distinct sense of individuality, and fine workmanship. The organizers of this exhibition were the members of the society, 'La Societe des artistes decorateurs,' including, Hector Guinmard, Eugene Grasset, Raoul Lachenal, Paul Follot, Maurice Dufrene, and Emily Decour. The term 'Art Deco' however, gained widespread recognition only in the year 1968, when art historian Bevis Hiller, came out with his popular book, 'Art Deco of the 20s and 30s,' and organized an exhibition, 'Art Deco,' at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

This movement was distinguished for its abstraction, manipulation, and simplification of defined geometric shapes, and a vivid use of colors. The bold color schemes and blending curves were the focal points of the true 'Deco' creations. The so-called 'ancient arts' of Africa, Ancient Egypt, and Aztec Mexico, prominently inspired this movement. In the age of machines and streamline technology, the use of materials, such as plastics, enamels, harden concrete, and an unusual type of glass, 'vita-glass,' greatly affected the movement. There is sufficient evidence to indicate the employment of materials, like aluminum, stainless steel, lacquer, inlaid wood, along with exotic materials, like zebra and sharkskin.

The Empire State Building, famous for its pyramid-like structure, and the Chrysler Building, known for its multi-arched dome, are the living examples of the 'Deco' style. The movement even outlined the fashion industry of Paris in the 1920s. The dresses sported large chromium buttons, head-hugging cloche hats worn with huge fur collars, dangling earrings, and so called 'bobbed hairstyles,' all amounting to completely new and revolutionary look. The BBC Building in Portland Place and the basement of the Strand Palace Hotel, London are the examples of the pure 'Art Deco' style. The popularity of this movement took a beating during late 30s and 40s, but regained its lost sheen with the surge in the following of 'graphic designing' in the 1980s.

4 Steps Movements Most Important to Buy Modern Art

Step 1
First you have to become familiar with modern art movements most important. The highlights are Art Deco Art, Impressionism, Fauvism, Expressionism, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Cubism, Surrealism, Pop Art and Op-Art. Understanding these movements will help you decide what you're looking for and which lead to the artwork for purchase. A simple Internet search will give you a wealth of information for each of the movements and examples of photos.

Step 2
The second step is to identify movements that you like. Every movement has its famous modern art and artists of the brand. For example, some of the biggest names and their movements are Dali's surrealism, fauvism including Matisse, Picasso Art Nouveau and Impressionism of Monet have. Knowing that interest art movement that will help you limit your choice to buy art.

Step 3
If you are looking for art that will have a return on investment possible to follow a well-known modern artist. Many of these artists have pieces that will go on sale at auction. An Internet search will give you a good basis for the amount of the works of your favorite artists are in their favor.

Step 4
If you're on a limited budget in the best of your original purchase modern paintings by talented artists. The selection is readily available and that price difference is huge. A good source of original modern art

In conclusion, do your homework. A little field work now will pay off big in the future. When it comes to research your potential artists, the internet is your friend. Knowing what you like and know your artists.

Canvas Print Modern Art

Are you an artist or an admirer of good works? Do you want your living room come alive with colorful paintings? Canvas prints modern art are wonderful options to improve the appearance of any room. With its elegance and variety, canvas art prints to add value to the spaces they adorn.

Modern art is the expression of various inner visions and real life issues and have an innate appeal of their own. These works are generally expressed in an innovative style. Because of its newness, more art lovers are showing a growing preference for modern canvas art prints.

Technology has made it possible for artists to preserve their creative work without damage. Computer generated digital prints can be produced in these paintings and are long lasting. You can get inspired art works from around the world and get them printed easily with the help of digital printing companies. With these impressions of modern art, you can create your own art gallery space in your work or life. These art prints can be made in cotton fabric, fabric arts degree, or matte canvas. You can get the images printed on fine fabric, and then the frames are mounted in solid wood.

You can have canvas prints modern art of abstract painting, oil paintings, geometric, art photography and other works of art. Canvases feature attractive color combination, the UV-resistant ink and realistic images. These are durable and therefore worth preserving as decorative items in your home or workplace. Most digital printing companies use innovative technology to produce high quality prints. Computer files, photographs or slides can be easily transferred to canvas prints attractive.

Let your living room and office to acquire an impressive appearance with stylish modern art canvas prints.

Superchrome is a leading digital printing companies dedicated to serving modern canvas art prints. Traces of modern art have been designed exclusively for customers looking to print your favorite pictures to see their homes as well as professionals like artists, gallery owners and art shops.

Revolution of Modern Art in The Timeline of Art History

"The excellence of every art is its intensity, capable of making all disagreeable evaporate." - John Keats

A true art is that which focuses on a chronology of world events. The new styles of art have come and gone, with the onset of the Industrial Revolution, meanwhile, reflects the gradual changes that have occurred in art in our society. 19 century painters considered art as a representation of images that reflects values, Christian sentiments, righteous conducts, virtuous behaviors and noble sacrifices. The history of modern art begins with Impressionism in Paris - a movement against the rigid painting done inside the academy. The use of clear and strong colors was paramount for the impressionist art movement. Different movements fauvism, expressionism, cubism, surrealism and many others paved the way for the artist and the modern artist belief in freedom of expression. They brush the thoughts and ideas into strokes of his art.

With the advance of the century this artistic freedom became fundamental to progressive modernism. The artists seek freedom not just only the rules of academic art, but from the demands of the public. And finally, have argued that art should be produced for the public good but for the sake of art. Art for art's liberation from the tyranny of old age, the rules and purpose, but is an exercise of freedom. "The art of art sake'-A phrase coined by Francis Schaeffer in his little treatise, Art and the Bible:" A work of art has value in itself. "He said:" Art is not merely analyze or value of its intellectual content. It is something to enjoy. "But what about the artworks that have no beauty? Without the gemstone of beauty in a modern work of art can be is the intention of becoming a pillar of the cartoon, without no intrinsic value. We all know that the famous poet Keats remark on art: "A thing of beauty is a joy forever: its charm increases, will never pass into nothingness."

In the 19th century, art was discussed by critics and historians largely in formal terms which effectively removed the question of meaning and purpose from consideration. But modern art was to be discussed in terms of a great thread that is the style - color, line, form, space, composition - conveniently ignoring or downplaying what states social, political, or progressive artist had hope that in his or her job. Over time it became known that modern art is practiced within a closed formalist sphere separated and not contaminated with the real world. Modern art should act as an effective instrument of social betterment, understandable by the common man. The art must have its own intrinsic value, no matter what. It is not just an articulation of the images, instead of the "true" art behind the image was considered important. We all know that "Beauty is truth, truth beauty, - that is all ye know on earth, and everything you need to know."

The Movement Encompasses All Modern Art

Modern Art is a classification that covers all art created between 1860 and 1970, and all the major artistic movements during the same period (Impressionism, Bauhaus, Surrealism, Expressionism, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Photography as art, pop art, minimalism, etc.) under its umbrella wide.

Modern art is a field that has taught extensively in many creative institutions today, as it allows students to some of the most extensive and inspiration of how to express their individual artistic impulses in a variety of applications and media.

Several schools in the U.S. to adopt the traditions, techniques and spirit of modern art to tell their students the historical context of modern art and how its pushed the boundaries of what is considered art.

Practitioners of modern art were pioneers and rebels dismiss or question the traditions and aesthetics of the previous centuries (classical, Renaissance, etc.) and experimented with revolutionary and revolutionary ways and means of seeing the world around them stating that painting, sculpture and new forms of art (ie photography), the use of new materials and techniques never before used, and found a new meaning in the general purpose and function of art.

The so-called founding fathers of the modern movement includes a pantheon of great artists and their work - Edouard Manet, Vincent van Gogh, Paul Cézanne (Impressionism) and Georges Seurat (pointillism) - to name a few, each made a personal vision, aesthetics and style that is now considered the initial entries in the world of this artistic movement.

From late 1890 to 1930, there was an explosion of schools of thought that informed the art scene in Europe and the United States that helped spawn the new art movements and groups. During this period the world witnessed the emergence of such giants as Picasso heavyweight (for the first time in Cubism and his own amusement impressive), Dali, Man Ray and Buñuel (surrealism), and Munch, El Greco, Kandinksy (expression). These artists and many contemporary figures and movements that defined many emotions to explore new creative expression.

After the Second World War "culture put on pause", became the United States the epicenter of most of the new artistic movements and a large number of art styles and traditions emerged in the years 1950 and 1960. As the 1970s came to close, the art critic Douglas Crimp proclaimed "The End of Painting" in a confrontation assay, and therefore the period known as modern art came to close.

Although some would argue that modern art argues for a break from the traditions and classifications of art, art schools can prepare students with extensive and the foundation from which they can "break the rules" and have the freedom to create without limits or restrictions. There are numerous art academies, such as San Francisco art schools around the country that can provide a solid foundation for the practice of modern art.

Modern Art for Sale - Versus Online Art Gallery

Where does a person go today to find modern art for sale? The two most obvious places are online and in an art gallery. Let's take a look at these two options and the pros and cons of each.

Great place to buy these days is online, and there are many good reasons to do so. First, if you live in a small town, the chances of online purchases are greatly magnified. Second, the online selection is much larger than can be found locally, as a matter of fact, with the internet there is no limit to the art that you can find to buy. Third, you can easily price shop for the best deal. It's fast and easy to check the prices of several online stores, you can take an entire day to drive all over town to check prices.

The drawbacks are that the purchases in the price of a book is one thing for a work of art is totally different. It can be hard to find, even the same piece of art in different websites, unless of course you are buying a mass produced print. But the biggest disadvantage is that the selection of a work of art should be a tactile experience, the Internet can not do justice to a work of modern art for sale.

That moves us to the pros and cons of buying directly from an art gallery. With the main one is that their selection is limited to that which has a gallery on the screen. With the second is that there may be less flexible prices and find another gallery that offers even the same piece is difficult, no matter find for less. Of course, you can always look online to see if I could find the same piece of modern art for sale on a website for less, but this can be difficult. One of the pieces of sculpture that I like is a limited edition of only seven pieces. Even online can be difficult to find one available.

The advantages of buying in a gallery is that you can actually see the artwork in person. It is not unusual for a personal encounter with a work of art that very moving, something that can be lack of a photo of a work of art online. Second, the curator of an art gallery is very knowledgeable who can answer your questions and provide information about an artist who can not be readily available or known, especially because most of the curators have collected and have spoken directly with the artists the gallery represents. I think this is one of the biggest advantages of buying directly from an art gallery.

Of course, one of the great things today is that most galleries have an online presence. Perhaps you've visited a gallery during the holidays, and now you're in your house, you have to have one piece of modern art for sale at the gallery. Go online, you may be able to find. Or perhaps you have more questions before committing to the purchase, the gallery curator will be happy to answer your questions. Therefore, in today's world, it's easy to enjoy the benefits of the line and a personal visit to a gallery to purchase any piece of modern art for sale.

Purchase of Modern Art Paintings for Your Home

Buying paintings for your home is the first step to add a personal touch to an interior decoration. The decor of your living space staff is a vital need, we all want to live in a space that makes us feel good and relaxed. Our houses are small shelters and sanctuaries therefore present the art in your home is a way to customize and brand the space we live in modern art paintings are a great way to make your breathing space of artistic creativity and style.

Modern art paintings have been the most popular art works of recent years, and is represented in art galleries for visitors and fans at random, or as part of the decor in our living or work space. There are thousands of avid collectors of modern art paintings from around the world who are willing to spend some serious amounts of money to buy the objects of their desire. If you see them as an investment or as works of art for personal pleasure, original modern paintings are an absolute must have.

Looking at modern art and paintings on the walls of your home or workspace can be an important step to completely change the tone in the room or improve some of its features: a landscape can automatically create a serene and tranquil environment a painting of the sea water and can add to your desire to travel or help you escape mind, works of art with animals or trees can be the perfect furniture in a house or help create a more casual atmosphere and accommodations, always in a very sophisticated way.

No matter what your issue could be modern art and paintings can have a very relaxing, but also decorative pieces can be perfect. Even if you've never been an intelligent and art lovers can not fail to appreciate its uniqueness.

Modern art paintings is considered the most essential pieces of decoration, as they can differentiate themselves and improve the environment in his space, which helps to customize according to their particular artistic direction of style and taste.

Oil, for example, compared with all the means of painting, has the ability to add warmth and beauty everywhere: all the pictures of modern art, no matter what the subject, the characteristics of a rather singular reality it represents, which is always eloquent, lucid, communicate your message in a life quite as unique.

No wonder that most people have been intrigued, at least once in their lives for the art of painting, which the media is known to intrigue the viewer and take in the atmosphere and the world particularly because of its animation and aesthetics. Especially when it comes to authentic pieces and modern art, the result can be even more seductive.

Modern art painters and artists have been creating parts and features classic and timeless, just think of artists such as Warhol, who created modern art for many years, but even today are modern and elegant, but is considered a kind of classical pieces. Modern art does not have to be extravagant.

Use Modern Art in Your Home

By creating a contemporary home or modern, so you can focus on bringing furniture to create the perfect environment. However, it is important to note that the furniture itself will not create the perfect modern lifestyle.

The decoration is modern and contemporary art and function. While the furniture will function at home, something is lost if you do not add a little art in the folds. Here's a look at five ways to use modern art in your home:

Modern Painting

From a modern and contemporary makes many people think of being in an art gallery, why not give them what they expect. One of the easiest ways to really set the scene in a modern house with a stunning piece of contemporary art hanging for all to see.

Contemporary Wall Tapestries

Not only are modern art paintings can be hung on the walls of a contemporary house, but there are a lot of contemporary tapestries. These pieces, while a modern design, also add an air of softness to the room. This is a great thing to know while the decor in this scheme. While modern decor is supposed to be relatively rigid and brittle, this is your home and have a homey feel about it. The creation of tissue, as a contemporary wall tapestry can help achieve that balance.

Modern sculpture

If geometric or abstract, it is most likely know the feeling of being dragged into a modern sculpture for study. There is something about a three dimensional object that attracts viewers to see what it is and how it was built. While much of the minimalist modern decor, you can choose some pieces of modern sculpture to liven up this space in your home.

Modern furniture

Who says furniture can not be artistic? When you're choosing furniture for your home, you should be open to new pieces that are as much a piece of furniture, as they are a work of art. If it is a contemporary sculpture has become a glass accent table or a chair that is so unique in its creation, which is a work of art in itself, be aware that furniture can also be art at home.

Modern floral arrangements

While it may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you are thinking how to decorate your home with a modern or contemporary style, there are plenty of floral arrangements out there that are modern. Do not include your typical big bouquets of roses or carnations, but using several flowers, stems and other pieces of foliage to create works of art. The flowers of these pieces are usually simple - just a few flowers, often white or one or two with an explosion of color.

So there you go.

After you have chosen modern art to use in your home, remember, you can take some additional steps to make it a focal point. When installing the lighting in this room is where are the focal points and allow your light to the road.

Lighting Modern Art

In all honesty, "modern art" is a term used a little too much in the seventies and requires some reevaluation and redefinition if we are to use it intelligently in a professional dialogue. Etymologically purist perspective, the term literally means art that represents the challenges, values ​​and responses of the soul of modern life. Note that everything modern usually becomes a part of the story after a few years pass, so to remain true to reality please keep in mind that the only true modern art is the art expressed both the change and can adapt to change enough to remain free from the traps of perception and time. Modern art lighting a bit of philosophy embedded in the circuit can go a long way toward making its collection of modern art phenomenon speed of light stays in tune with the times and remains true to its name. A well designed and executed modern art lighting theme therefore will bring a return on investment in value beyond the dollar.

Modern lighting accents and complements the viewer's awareness of the purpose of this genre, and requires technical skill September mixed with a creative impulse that pushes beyond convention just enough to avoid being analyzed by the viewer. If you are going to be decorated with modern art, the art of light so as to challenge his audience to take anything more than a step forward in thinking. This prevents the piece from becoming dated, as it facilitates the forward movement of the mind and keeps the viewer to judge the piece and classified according to the fixed ideas of the past. Illuminations Lighting and Design will carry out this task for you, providing you with the light of more contemporary look that modern art model required to express their true nature.

If you have already invested a small fortune in more traditional art and now wish I had decorated with contemporary and abstract forms, they can actually use unique combinations of traditional lamps and modern art that shed varying degrees of light and shadow that create a contemporary experience of the use of traditional forms. These property lighting strategies work especially well with three-dimensional contemporary artwork and classic and contemporary sculptures. ILD as his advisers in the fundamentals of parallel industries, so that we can actually apply our working knowledge of construction and architecture to modern art lighting and sculptures are in proportions similar to modern construction and design houses . This requires knowledge of our own tools of trade to the smallest detail, and to keep up with advances constantly train and educate our staff on a regular basis.

As contractors have many years of experience working in the home not only themselves, but the properties in which they reside. Our technical specialists are experts in outdoor lighting. We show outdoor works of modern art lighting discreet position, since high performance lights in the trees. The aesthetic that we will surprise you. The light will appear out of darkness and put the pieces valued at one focus of mystery and the knowledge that your guests will appear as both the essence of modernity and timeless decrease beyond.

ILD provides key values ​​through real concrete materials and creative applications very difficult to find somewhere else in our industry. Call us today and experience the light of modern art as a phenomenon that is the accent and define their unique experience, progressive living.

A Conspiracy Modern Art

Part 1

 I have been repeatedly rejected by some ignorant galleries on both sides of the fence by their lack of interest in African art. In his African art is primitive. The sad thing is that our so-called elites do not understand art galleries too. In most cases, are the most ignorant and very naive and African art. How long are we going to allow these monsters race fake wild past in our present time?
I realize that truth is often a hard pill to swallow, but we must face our past for a better future.

We have been forced to look down on ourselves. Held captive mind with television, print media, history books and documentaries from his scouts that were supposedly written by them, but ended up on shelves in our country schools of mental impairment and economic exploitation. Maybe I'm missing something, please tell me the expectation of an educator who believed that Amina's grandchildren in Nigeria, Niger was discovered by Mongo Park.

The same river Niger, where the great majority, Anina bath, swim, fetch water, they have known and played in the river all his life and, in fact, the legend that his grandfather had that Obi was one of the men who guided and protected the strange white man of the wild beast of the jungle. Instead of a letter of thanks, great grandchildren are forced and fed the lies of the incidents in the name of education.

Constantly used every effort to achieve its vision. The invention of television became an effective tool for handling generations with ease using the power of vision for growth Jacob, Genesis 30: 31 - 43, for negative agenda. There is power in what we hear and see. That is more reason than ever show much of Africa.

During the time of European avant-artists, who were prolific African artists as "Aina Onabolu 'and many others whose works were never considered as modern. Obviously they, including its modern means to make them equal with their counterparts in Europe. You know what it means for the black man who was supposed to pick cotton. "modern European art," was the biggest scam in African art. It took the best of our ancestors and we kicked it away.

They knew what they were doing and the effect of these centuries of bad seeds is what we see today in Africa and beyond. It is very common for African professionals, highly educated, but without the knowledge of self and much whiter than white too, if you know what I mean. I walked into a financial firm in Atlanta, owned and operated by some Nigerians and the question of African art approached, one of the owners were asked what kind of art have been hung on the wall. You need to see it go with pride and spoke eloquently about modern art, in the end he said he did not want to be associated with African art.

You can imagine how I felt, had studied art and art teacher to listen to a professional elite of Nigeria in the position of power and influence to promote our art and culture, rightly rejected his inheritance. I did not wait to ask why? He went back to talk about crime and the world's image of Nigeria. At this time I struggled to keep
before the explosion of other nationalities in the company. I am by no means in support of any crime, but if the man should deny his country because of crime and propaganda of Western media, the problem is more profound than it seems. He respectfully asked again if any of these nationalities working in Nigeria have been removed oil drilling machines and have abandoned their mansions in Nigeria since the propaganda began to 419? I did not see him jump to a response on this occasion. Tell me there is no fraud and crime.

The good brother is one of the millions of African souls lost in this world and half false conspiracy and selfish view of racism and imperialism. You might wonder what is this to do with modern art. But the truth is that there was nothing modern about the works of European avant-garde artist-stroke than imitators, imitators and plagiarists in collusion with the racist writers, art critics and art historians to do good evil. Again, the names were given, cubism, modern art and pushed him down the throat, as always.

Cover the truth of plagiarizing African art and began his usual bad naming ceremonies for their selfish ends. Who named the primitive art and modern art? Take a close look at its so-called primitive art and modern art look and decide for yourself. Who named the tribal art? These are the same people whose lists of names consist of Black, Aboriginal, black, Gypsy and Black, White, Red, Yellow, and black people name a few. What good has made those names to mankind than the division and control. Let's face the truth, because truth is the heart of liberty. There are only names we can imagine, therefore, God had to change the names of persons reported to carry out their mission in life. It has been and always will be demonic and time to reject the names of our true purpose and relationship with each other.
Part 2

They have never been interested in others but what you can. The opportunity to study other cultures have filed jointly but they were self to her. Books have been written account of the vision impaired. It would have been ideal for them to introduce most of these books in their schools for knowledge, more research and better appreciation of others. But hell were not only interested in changing our thinking, artifacts, and how much you can do from the unknown world.

My gratitude to our men and women, most of whom have lost their lives to tell the truth. The truth must prevail, I realized the danger of the conspiracy of silence to delete anything from Africa in the face of the earth. The fact that human civilization began in Africa has disappeared from the pages of history books, even the pyramids of Egypt, that some people were built by aliens, it's too good to be Africans, if given the opportunity to recreate the map of Africa, Egypt and South Africa will definitely be part of the map carved on to accomplish its purpose.

No records have been contradictory that the Europeans came into contact with African art. With all due respect for our art historians have referred to 1905 as the year of first European contact with African art widely documented. I disagree to agree. We must not forget the sack of Benin art treasures. The Punitive Expedition of 1897 was a military tour in 1200 a British force under Admiral Sir Harry Rawson that captured, burned and sacked the city of Benin, incidentally end the highly sophisticated West African Kingdom of Benin.

Second, the struggle for Africa (or the rat race for Africa) was the proliferation of European conflicts claim African territory during the New Imperialism period, between 1880 and the beginning of World War era was more MundialEsta art and treasures of the territories. You are free to disagree. You may as well tell me of any other continent, which has suffered massive extortion and global exploitation of the arts and culture. A visit to the museums around the world in the shade more light on this.
The first entry documented a piece of African art in a European collection occurred around 1470, with a play that became a collector of the kingdom of Kongo Portuguese.

Please allow me to introduce the founder of so-called Cubism and modern art, Picasso and his partner of plagiarism rivalry and Matisse, who were the first leading European artists of African art collectors. His full name was Pablo (or Pablito) Diego Jose Santiago Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno Crispin Crispian de los Remedios Cipriano of the Holy Trinity and Picasso López Ruiz Blasco. We know today simply as Picasso.

Paul was born with a father who was also an artist, known as José Ruiz y Blasco, his mother was Maria Picasso y Lopez. His early paintings were signed Pablo Ruiz after his father, but around 1901 he began using his mother's name, Picasso. He studied graphics in Spain and graduated in 1900.
Paul was one of the long list of dull mind, whose art of imitation and copying could hold. He was in a dirty dance of poverty and isolation, because no artist would want to risk their creations with an artist like Picasso copy. Soon after graduation he moved to France 1901, where he quickly put his hands on the works of African art. In his words, I do not seek. I think. You can imagine the creations of innocent African teachers in the hands of a man who had copied over art young adulthood. Paul believes that bad artists copy. Good artists steal.

Modern art is but a child of conspiracy against racism and imperialism. The founder had called to say them. Today, as you know, I'm famous and very rich. But when you're completely alone with myself, not have the courage to consider myself an artist in the great and ancient sense of the word. There have been great painters such as Giotto, Titian, Rembrandt and Goya. I'm just a public actor who has understood his time. What was your time? It is said that confession is good for the soul.

In Part 1 of this article mentioned the conspiracy-European avant-garde artists, collectors, art critics, art historians and imperialism to create a captive of his creative drought with African art as a scapegoat. The artistic elite refers mainly to the rejection of the academic tradition. African art became a source of inspiration for these artists who sought representation systems than naturalism and illusionism. The critic favorite of this group was the French art critic Louis Vauxcelles who coined the term Cubism after seeing the landscape was painted in 1908 Braque at L'Estaque, in emulation of Cézanne. Vauxcelles called geometric shapes in the highly abstract works "cubes."

Vauxcelles Louis (1870 -?) Was an influential French art critic. He attributed the terms Fauvism (1905), and Cubism. Vauxcelles coined the phrase "les Fauves" (translated as "wild beasts") to describe a circle of painters associated with Matisse, and hearings that were criticized (I could not decide which was more arrogant). However, an artist can show zero evidence of his artistic ability in the context of visual arts representative established, however, could become a master of modern art? Tell me you smell something strange in this.

The Cubist painters rejected the inherited concept that art should copy nature, or to be taken by the traditional techniques of perspective, modeling and foreshortening. They wanted instead to emphasize the size of two of the fabric. By reducing and fractured objects into geometric shapes, and then into a shallow realign these landscapes, like space. They also used multiple points of view or contrast. Louis Vauxcelles and his group were not interested in the pros, but the escapism and the insults of the spread of his vision of supremacy. Paul had fooled everyone, the agony is that many are still fooled so far. I asked because of the common denominator of racial hatred and unity, none really cared about the effect of much of his deception.

In the words of Paul the founder of modern art, an artist must know how to convince others of the truth of their lies. People who make art their business are mostly imposters. There is no abstract art. You always have to start somewhere. Then you can remove all traces of reality. How can we be naive, the man who had more than 100 African art in its collection, copied and made money from them do not believe in abstraction.

Modern Art Painting and The Philosophy

The philosophy and modern art paintings have some interesting similarities and differences. Before continuing, it may be appropriate to ask: when is a painting considered modern modern art? It is generally accepted that modern art occurred during the approximate period between about the 1860 and 1970. Work since then often referred to as contemporary art, and definitely not the same. Of particular interest to many is the way in which modern art and the objectives of the philosophy of common action, but getting through different means. If a participant in a philosophical conversation, or an observer of art, make the critical connections or not depends largely on their individual capacity to interpret and apply.

One of the main characteristics of modern art painting is that it represents a significant change in the way that classical or traditional artists, looked to nature, environment and social norms and structures. That tended to portray more emotion on the canvas. During this period, the philosophy began to be incorporated into art, so much so, that the visual aspect of art is dominated by the philosophy of art was created. This does not mean that only the artists painted with the philosophical objectives in mind. On the contrary, that art in itself tends to connect people with philosophical insights so that I had not done before. He made the most explicit and deliberate process.

As mentioned above, both philosophy and modern art of painting tend to share the same goals. Both attempt to shed light on the nature of the world, self, and our place in it, and work to open our minds to further exploration and understanding about the inner workings of our common human experience. And while this may be the case, others argue that in fact there is no goal or objective. They argue that art is purer than that, and that if a person moves or not a particular piece has nothing to do with the intention of the artist. For these people, identify the purpose of art is missing the point entirely. I'll let you decide which side you think is more attractive for you.

Methods philosophical challenges us to ask questions about the nature of reality, what it means to be a self, what the ethics of a society should be, how we know what we know, and many other metaphysical and epistemological areas of life people have been deeply concerned at all times. Deliberate or not, modern art painting makes a similar insight in many of the same things and challenges us to ask similar questions. Color, shape, form and texture are simply other tools by which they come face to face with these concerns and questions.

As for the communication of ideas and emotions, modern art painting has its limitations as does philosophy. Both are inherently abstract, so that understanding and the application can be quite difficult to achieve for all but the most committed participant. Since the meaning seems to be a quality relativistic, only to be collected to make a meaningful interpretation of himself after seeing a painting of modern art, or think in a philosophical discussion, it makes sense that one thinks and feels deeply about both.

Fortunately, the goal is not to go through life without mental or emotional connections with the ideas and emotions that a picture or a philosophical idea could lead. Instead, connections are encouraged and celebrated. We see a painting of modern art - we feel deeply. We reflected a convincing philosophical argument - that move inside. Both of us feel connected and happy to be alive.

Modern Art What is?

As an artist, when I think of modern art, I think art has been created recently, and trying to think of a larger scope of history, I think of the latter than in the past 100 years. In many ways, this is right, but not completely. In the world of art, different art styles and isms known. This probably sounds familiar to you from an old college humanities class. It is likely that he learned on naturalism, romanticism, realism, impressionism, and more. Well, some of these isms are heads main categories with many sub-isms under them, and that's true with modernism.

Modernism was a movement that encompasses all that is in other movements. Modernism took place during the first part of the 20th century, and even sub-categories in modernity can be very different from each other, they do have in common the rejection of naturalism and scholarship, the two styles that followed the rigid rules of paint that could be taught in school, and that closely resembled the natural world. Instead Modernists favored the experimental art.

The modern world is changing, so that art had to change too. Modern art and explores the modern world again, and the artists decided to do this in several ways. But regardless of the chosen form of expression, all forms are an exploration of each artist's own vision of life in their own way. Some of the sub-isms of modernity, and to explore include: Expressionism, which explores the emotions and states of mind, constructivism, which focuses on the social, Surrealism tries to express the unconscious mind, and cubism, which explores the nature of representation.

These are just some of the trends covering modernism, some are very different, and others overlap with each other, but all these artists, art is a way of discovering the truth, it is a modern truth of Futurism or universal, a truth of Suprematism. They all tried, in his way, to seek answers to fundamental questions about the nature of art and human experience.

Modernism lasted about three quarters of the 20th century and the 1970s, modern artists moved in Post Modernism. Surprisingly, the architects who took the lead in the development of Modernism Post, but much of the modern visual art note is a critique of modern society.

Understanding a little about modernity and modernism message is useful when it comes to modern art. It is also good to be familiar with the jargon of the art world, to use it properly, especially to avoid confusion when talking to the experts.

So back to the question of what is modern art? For the artist, all the art created in the last 100 years is modern art because modern times refers to current or recent. Modern art, in my opinion, includes all these isms. Modern art does not appear to directly address the issue, but it is abstract. It is more difficult to understand but sometimes understanding is a mute point, art is to be enjoyed.

Art Paintings Modern

Many collectors and investors choose modern art paintings, since they are the vanguard of contemporary art. They reflect the energy of the world today and serve as barometers against the ever-changing art scene. They can also become significant investment if they are created by an artist who is modern and bought early in his career.

The reason modern art paintings succeed today is the same reason, Picasso's paintings were successful in their day. The art scene is full of movement at the time. These movements are often reactions to previous contemporary art practices of the past. For example, the Impressionist artists around the world developed a completely revolutionary way of creating great works of his time. Instead of painting in the studies that had been the custom for hundreds of years, the Impressionist painters around the world, such as Claude Monet, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Camille Pissarro, Paul Cézanne in France, and Australia, Tom Roberts, Fredrick McCubbin, Jane Sutherland, Charles Conder and Streeton Authur took his paddle and was captured in the light of "plein air" in entirely new ways of color. In the nineteenth century, these were innovative modern art paintings at its best. Today, these paintings are revered in the world for what they brought to the art world at a time.

However, if you put a Monet with a Jackson Pollock, you will see the striking differences in the conceptual, technical and practical in the paint. This is a reflection of the evolution of art over time. Works of modern art are successful because they break new artistic ground and show us our world in new and fresh. Today, some believe that current practices are not a reaction to previous generations, but a totally different attitude to art.

Many collectors knowledgeable about investing in modern art. They choose to invest in these more traditional paintings, for the reasons I described. It's great to be part of an artistic movement, either as an artist or someone who collects the art of the time. As a collector, it is more exciting to invest in an artist's work when they are young in his career and emerging art world. The excitement comes from knowing that you're in something that will pay big dividends in the future. It is always a risk, however usually there is some evidence that these paintings will be a great investment. The other reason people invest in young people and future modern artists is that they have an emotional resonance with the paintings of modern art in particular you are buying. Over time, artists have always relied on the collectors after work and invest. In the days of Michelangelo, who was the Catholic Church that brought modern art paintings. In these days can be wealthy collectors, celebrities, the artists, art lovers and just about anyone who collects art works of modern artists.

I think everyone should hang pictures of modern art in your home. Each new development in the world of art has to be supported by people living in the world at that time. However, art is a very personal and very subjective. What one person loves in a painting, another absolutely detest. The artwork I've collected from other artists that I bought because I love and I love supporting fellow artists. I would not buy something that I liked, just to make money on it in the future, I have to live with art in my house. I also buy artists that I think are still emerging and have not yet been discovered, but have the potential to do very well in the future. The best way to approach collecting modern art is a combination of personal taste and business savvy. Remember that you can have this hanging on the wall for years, so if you're a fan of Damien Hirst's self-portrait with the image of the severed head, then do not buy it.

There are many reasons that we can be surprised by the modern art. The issues are not so different from some of the issues presented in the tables of art for the past hundred years. Death, life, love, sex and animals. But today is your presentation that can make people feel surprised. The fact that Damien Hirst uses a real dead sheep, which contains in a glass case filled with formaldehyde and stages in a gallery leads to a different emotional reaction to a neoclassical painting of a sheep killed by religious sacrament purposes. There has been a growing disrespect in modern art from the 1980 and 90 and some reflects the state of our society. Cynicism has played a key role in the modern art of the past 30 years. All is not surprising, can be subtle, witty, funny, clever or just beautiful. Whichever way you look at the modern art paintings make us stop and look and wonder about life as we know it today. Echo or shock because of the values ​​we place on the subject matter in art and our reaction to it is based on our personal belief system, life experiences, relationships and the world as we know it.

Bollywood Star New Tattoo Designs

Bollywood Star New Tattoo Designs

Bollywood Star New Tattoo Designs

Bollywood Actress Hot Tattoo Designs

Bollywood Actress Hot Tattoo Designs

Bollywood Actress Hot Tattoo Designs

Hot Tattoos, Bollywood Tattoos

Hot Tattoos, Bollywood Tattoos

Hot Tattoos, Bollywood Hot Tattoos

Hot Tattoos, Bollywood Girls Tattoos

Hot Tattoos, Bollywood Actress Sexy Tattoos

Tattoo fashion trend today for young people. Young people express their love by getting tattoos on their bodies. But it creates problems when the love of your love the Breaks and the relationship breaks up.

Our Bollywood Stars also means that when they fall in love with someone. Most of our actor pages means that many names are declared when the media sortout this Actors and tracked them.

Esha Deol showing her two tattoos. She has an 'about' character tattoos on upper left back and the Gayatri Mantra in the upper right side.

Rajesh Khurana, president of Timpac Healthcare puts it: "To do a tattoo you invest Rs.2, 000 but to remove it, you have to pay more than Rs.20 000"

Deepika Padukone who made her ex-boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor's initials on her neck, does not regret her decision and has no plans to remove it in the near future, so it can easily be covered by her hair.

Prashant Kale, aged 25, who inked her boyfriend's name on the neck of an impulse, but repent now since he has broken with her.

Saif Ali Khan went ahead and got their names tattooed partners. While Saif Ali Khan relationship is going strong.

Amrita Arora, her boyfriend Usman Afzal got her name inked on his arm, but they later broke out. Although no one knows what happened to the tattoo is Amrita happily married Shakeel Ladakh.

In most cases, people either do not like what they did otherwise the tattoo does not fit their expectations. Then they will remove it immediately. The number of people who had tattoos done recently, but do not grow, "Jalandhar-based skin surgeon Mohan Singh said. The cost of covering up a tattoo by recycling does depend on the size. Sometimes a tattoo design is terribly wrong or you get bored with it and therefore people want to remove or redo it. A laser session requires a minimum of 4-6 sessions over a period of 1-2 months, but it is not easy to remove the tattoo, so it is deep into the skin. A session usually costs around Rs.3 000

Khurana says that being patient is able to assist in tattoos made with colors like green, blue, yellow and red as they are very difficult to get rid of, while black is easier.
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Hairstyles for Body Shapes

Hairstyles for Body ShapesIs already known the fact that choosing the right hairstyle to flatter you is strongly related to your face shape. A perfect hairstyle can hide most unwanted flaws and enhance the your most beautiful qualities. However, there is one essential thing that we sometimes forget and that is the body shape. When choosing a hairstyle, you should always keep in mind that there are different hairstyles for every body shape.

Usually, hairstyle trends allow you to play with different shapes and styles. However, there are some rules you shouldn’t break in order to get the best results. Remember that certain hairstyles look great on certain body shapes.


Petite figures need short or medium hairstyles to suit there proportions. Therefore, short or medium hairstyles that end at shoulder or chin level, layered and asymmetrical haircuts with height at the top of the head are usually the best options for petite silhouettes. Yet, there are two important mistakes you should avoid. First of all, try to stay away from too long hairstyles as they will only make you look shorter. Then, too short ones create the illusion of a bigger head.

Hairstyles for Body Shapes

Hairstyles for Body Shapes
Soft waves and curls are also a good choice for petite figures. However, if you make bigger curls, your head will make your head look huge. Also, pay attention as large curly hairstyles, ponytails and braids as they give a girly look. The same principle can be applied in case of hair accessories, which must be carefully chosen as too many embellishments, bows and hair clips create a juvenile appearance. As for the hair color, vivid ones work best for petites, but make sure you don’t go too far with the color as you may look immature.

Boyish figures

Boyish silhouettes need volume when it comes to hairstyling. The idea is to add some curves and body. Medium curly or wavy hairstyles work well offering the necessary curves in order to balance the figure. Long hairstyles are a smart choice as long as you add volume, while shorter haircuts are a matter of taste as they can make you look even thinner. Long bangs, asymmetrical and layered hairstyles can also flatter a boyish figure.

Try to stay away from extremes. Pay a lot of attention when adding volume to your hairstyle and avoid backcombing too much as your body may look disproportionate. In the same time, avoid using the hair straightener as you will look even more boyish and straight. A too short haircut gives you a masculine look. The right hair color can warm up skin complexion.
Hairstyles for Body Shapes

Hairstyles for Body Shapes

Hairstyles for Body Shapes

Hairstyles for Body Shapes


Curvy women need to be very careful when choosing their hairstyle. In this case too, is a matter of proportions and avoiding any extremes. Therefore, if you have a fuller face, stay away from too voluminous, big hair. Too much volume at head level ads extra pounds to your face and body. On the other hand, super short, close to the head and curly hairstyles are totally unflattering. The best choices are medium, long wavy, layered hairstyles and those with side-swept bangs.

a � t o x~N @�O dding volume to your hairstyle and avoid backcombing too much as your body may look disproportionate. In the same time, avoid using the hair straightener as you will look even more boyish and straight. A too short haircut gives you a masculine look. The right hair color can warm up skin complexion.

Hairstyles for Body Shapes

Hairstyles for Body Shapes

Tall figures

Tall, athletic figures are considered as being the perfect body type, and therefore, any hairstyle flatters them. Still, you need to pay attention to proportions whether we are talking about long or short, straight or curly hair. However, when going for the classic ponytail choose one with more volume or one starting at the crown of the head.
c- � r ��M x~N ong wavy, layered hairstyles and those with side-swept bangs.
Hairstyles for Body Shapes

Hairstyles for Body Shapes
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Nail Art Designs

Nail Art Designs

Nail Art Designs

Nail Art Designs

Nail Art Designs

Nail Art Designs

Nail Art Designs

Nail Art Designs

Nail Art Designs

Nail Art Designs

Nail Art Designs

Nail Art Designs

Nail Art Designs

Nail Art Designs

Nail Art Designs

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Cheryl Cole's New hairstyle

Cheryl Cole was at the pride of Britain Awards with a new hairstyle. Blonder and curlier, the golden tone compliments the tone of her skin and makes her glow radiantly. The large set curls give a full bodied look and the side swept parting frames her face. A shoulder length cut with the curls sitting on her shoulders, somewhat lighter at the ends, this hairstyle gives her a new edge, glamorous, bright and full of bounce!

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