How To Bleach Your Hair - Before And After Pictures

I never realised how easy it was to change your hair colour. I started experimenting with bleach at the end of last year and now have the process down to a fine art. It really does not take much time, effort or money to bleach your hair and all the horror stories of the damage it does, appear to me to be unfounded, if anything my hair looks and feels in better condition now, maybe due to all the intensive conditioners that come along with the bleaching products.

Here are a couple of before and after pictures, to see how even someone with very dark hair can go blonde...



I used Jerome Russels 40% vol peroxide and powder bleach, available in Boots and any chemist for just a couple of pounds. This initially got my hair really blonde, but then I had the problem of regrowth, the roots of course would show very quickly and there was no way I could afford to go the the hairdresser every couple of weeks. I was worried that my hair would get over processed, but I have found that i I can use L'Oreals Recital Preference, ultra lightening, and it does not damage my hair at all and keeps the roots looking light. It comes with an excellent conditioner, ceramide protein, that makes the hair really soft and shiny.

My other tp for bleached hair, is to use Kerastas Chroma Riche shampoo and conditioner. It makes hair really soft and also brightens the tone as well. I have a silver shampoo for if my hair gets too yellowy and the kerastase can add golden tones if it gets greyish. Sometimes I use a Clairol born blonde toner, to add a certain tone, such as beige or ash to my hair.

I wish I had done this before, I always wanted blonde hair, but it is onl in recen years that better products have become available. It really is easy to do at home, it is scary the firt few times, but there is really nothing to worry about, if you follow the instructions on the packs, do strand tests and have a little patience, you will be able to get your hair the shade you want.

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