Your street fashion look

Hello fans of fashion! i want to share with you the good news: 
i created a blog "Your street fashion look"! in my blog you will be able to see the fashionable people of Saint-Petersburg. 
in first post, my friends and i decided to show you a little of our looks. We interested in your opinion! 
The styledress of Saint-Petersburg are greatly influenced by Europe, because we have near the border with Finland ) 

so,a little bit about us) here you can see 5 person.

On the second photo you can see a boy. his name is Stas.he is 20 years. he loves music and plays on the guitar. Stas is a student. he likes: music, his girlfriend, hold a lot of fun time with friends. 

On 3,4,5 photos you see a girl named Zalina. recently she had birthday ) she was 20 years. she is the student,but also work. she loves fashion! her favorite pastime: shopping! Zalina has an excellent fashiontaste, so dress very cool) 

The next participant of the fashion-shooting a girl named Kamilla. she, too, 20 years! she has great dark eyes and beautiful hair. 
so she is a student too.Kamilla want to be the editor. 

The girl in black-and-white-dress is me) my name is Ramina, i 'm 23. i love fashion! and i want to link my profession with fashion-industry) also i 'm on the next photo here with my favorite jeans shorts)) 

Then you see a girl with very long elegant hair. her name is Marina,she was 21. she is a hairdresser & stylist. she also loves fashion and her work.

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