2011 Popular Men’s Diamond Jewelry Trends

Men Diamond Jewelry

2011 Diamond Jewelry Trends

2011 Diamond Jewelry

2011 Men's Diamond Jewelry

Diamond Jewelry
       Gone are the days when diamond jewelry was made specifically for women. These days, men are all about the bling prompting jewelry manufacturers and distributors to up their game in terms of the variety of men’s jewelry styles and designs they make available for men. The top most popular 2011 diamond jewelry designs for men include:

Diamond stud earrings
Men’s diamond studs set with diamonds and/or other precious gemstones are all the rage when it comes to this year’s men’s diamond jewelry market. The most popular type of diamond stud earrings is the solitaire stud, set with a single ½-1 carat round brilliant diamond center stone. These understated, yet elegant gemstone set earrings are favored by men who are looking for an understated yet sophisticated looking piece of jewelry.

Men’s hip hop diamond pendants
Who wouldn’t want to look like a blinged out rap star? Perhaps the most popular type of men’s diamond jewelry, diamond encrusted hip hop pendants were made popular by their flashy appearance and their irrefutable trendiness. Pendants set with a multitude of diamonds and precious gemstones, designed in a huge array of shapes and sizes are perfect for those customers who are interested in diamond jewelry that really makes a statement.
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