Fashion Footwear for Girls

Fashion Footwear for Girls

Footwear for Girls

New Footwear for Girls

Footwear fashion

new fashion Footwear for Girls, New shoes

new designee Footwear for GirlsShoes believe that began long history of human use during the glacial period, more than 5,000,000 years. In bad weather would have made the need for shoes. Other evidence shows that the shoes can be used at the end of the Paleolithic, about the same time that early humans learned the art of tanning. Early work shoes were made of shells usually made of leather or dried herbs. Later, pieces were prepared by an oval piece of leather bound by a piece of thick leather straps. Sandals, shoes are the first successors of those packages. In the rooms Egyptian grave, shows images of different stages of production of leather and footwear. The images also show that Egypt, shoes representing the power and class. The sandals are distinguished from the Pharaohs feet high, a feature that is lacking in ordinary shoes. Egyptian sandals made of straw, papyrus, or Palm applications fiber. Later were made, Egyptian women have their shoes adorned with precious stones and jewelry.

The physical evidence showed that the Greeks loved and took good care of their feet through the use of different shoes for different activities. Greek women have started to say sandals social class. Your shoes mean beauty, elegance, refinement and extravagance. It has been said that Greek women attracted by the name of the wicked by wearing sandals up. These sandals a "snap" sound when switching carrier and it's a symbolic parade of sexual stimuli was observed.In Mesopotamia, leather coats at the feet linked by a strip of the same material.

Romans, on the other hand, preserved leather straps, so that their legions to travel in the area on foot. He also believes that the foot fetish began when the Roman senator Lucius often yellow shoe of his mistress, who had hidden in his tunic, kissed. Published in Rome, shoes and social classes. The consuls wore white shoes, the senators focused brown shoes and uniform for the rest of the region was a pair of boots that briefly exposed toes. But in all these ancient civilizations, shoes indicated social status. Footwear consists of garments worn on the feet. They are worn mainly for protection and hygiene, but also for fashion and decoration.

Shoes concepts from a variety of materials such as leather, rubber, canvas, wood and plastic. But the first works were made from available materials such as straw, leather, cowhide, and grasses.
is equipped as a shoe factory, a major component of adhesives, cushions, prop, heel, hook, insole, laces, only steel rod, sticky bit, tread depth and edge. Generally divided into shoes: boots, industrial shoes, boots and sandals.The shoes are a cowboy-boots, shoes, boots, waders, and so on are available. Footwear industry, such as plastic, rubber boots and shoes, which are used in laboratories, construction sites and production.

The shoes are shoes (running shoes), climbing shoes, clogs, high heels, Mary Janes, moccasins, slippers, slippers, tap shoes and cross training. Sandals, on the other side, and sneakers, flip-flops or sandals, slip-ons, and slippers.Footwear is an extension of personality. Well maintained shoes says things about the owner, clean as the main concern. Although the complexity of the equipment may be lost to modernization, their influences are still in the skin of today.The moccasins are in the early days by people in cold countries are still worn worn, while the sandal is modeled on the Egyptian creation still widespread in hot countries worldwide.

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