Located in the southeastern province of Sichuan in China are the magnificent Dazu Rock Carvings of Dazu County. These expertly carved out statues reflect a combination of Buddhist, Taoist, and Confucianist influences. China is also the ancestral home of featured jewelry designer Evelyn Huang.

Huang is not one to rely on gimmicks or leans heavily on the latest trends to cultivate her lithe and delicate fine jewelry collections.

The California native and graduate of the Gemological Institute of America (G.I.A.) enjoys the challenge of developing fresh design concepts for her beautiful luxury and custom jewelry.

The daughter of a L.A. jewelry business owner, Huang’s connection to the industry began early as she was exposed to the precious wares of numerous jewelry artisans.

“During summer and winter vacations—during school breaks—I would help my father by running errands. My father’s business is where I learned about the importance of customer care and service. It was here I realized that I had a natural instinct for discerning quality jewelry.”

After completing her studies at G.I.A. and the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, Huang accepted the Brand Ambassador position with the Beverly Hills-based DeBeers Diamond Jewelers. Though she found her position with the company highly educational, she felt creatively stifled. In 2006, she triumphantly established her own company evelynH. Jewelry.

Huang’s assortment of gemstone rings, bridal jewelry, gold earrings, and men’s rings is a masterful expression of detailed minimalism.

The engraved surface designs of her Platinum 900 Sakura Ring; the burst of color from the dome-like setting of her Carousel Cocktail Ring; and the unconventional whimsy of her men’s cufflinks Original Sin (one cufflink is in the form of an apple; the other in the form of a serpent) are exquisite in their design and execution.

“I don’t want to hold myself to a particular style,” she says. “Trends come and go and in jewelry design there is such a broad spectrum of concepts. I am always open to new ideas and I love trying new things. Coco Chanel is someone I find truly inspiring because she was willing to push certain boundaries.”

In 2009, Huang put her creative skills to the test when she submitted an 18-karat white gold, tear drop, diamond and emerald earring design, named Africa’s Hope, to the Women’s Jewelry Association in the DIVA Design Red Carpet category.

The winning design would be auctioned off during the November 2009 Dallas Rocks Diamond Dinner and After Party, and then donated to the Diamond Empowerment Fund (D.E.F.). Huang’s Africa’s Hope Earrings won the award, and hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons purchased the ethereal white gold earrings.

“The D.E.F. is a non-profit organization that works to raise money to support education initiatives that develop and empower economically disadvantaged people in African nations,” she explains. “I wanted the design to be the shape of a tear drop with strands of diamonds stretching from the top towards the bottom suggesting an angel’s harp.

I wanted the design to have meaning and the materials to be symbolic as well.

The design represents the dedication and perseverance of the individuals that work to make a difference in the world and the hope that exists because there are people who care.”

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